Saturday, January 28, 2017

Arm Knitting

Good Evening!
Today I was on the search for some more old used cookbooks or metal spiral bound books at the second-hand store to make some mixed media journals.  I came up empty handed but that is ok!  I was searching some YouTube videos and found a great idea for an art journal on YouTube from Mickie's Niche.  Take some card stock, fold it in half and then decorate the one side of it.  When you are ready, do the same thing over again.  Then take the back of the half page that was not decorated and glue them together.  When you are done, you can wrap the book with decorated paper.  The video for this inspiration is below.

I recently had an interest in arm knitting and think it looks really fun.  Have you tried it?  I found a YouTube video that makes it look fun and easy and a great project for the winter and a quick weekend project.  You can make a cowl or a scarf for yourself.  The video is below.  

Have a wonderful night!

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