Wednesday, April 12, 2017

De-Stashing and Organizing

Good Morning!

I don't have any pictures today but I have been organizing and de-cluttering my crafty stash.  Wow, I feel like a squirrel that has been stashing away acorns in a tree!  I have to admit I found a bag from Target in my stash that had facial cream, yep, not supposed to be in there!  We are completing our basement so I have all my crafty goodness in a temporary room and it is not working out so great.  I have been crafting at our dining room table and am ready to have my own crafting den!

How do you organize and inventory your items?  I have stamps organized by brand in a big plastic shoe box and then divided with an index card with the title of the subject it falls under.  While I thought this would work just as is, I think I will need to stamp out a key of the stamps and the location of them in a binder so I can see the images. 

I also have some Unity Stamp Company kits that are quite large and they have stamp storage containers that are 8.5 x 11 inches that would work great for these and now I wonder if I should use these for all my stamps and then place them in a nice bin.

I have started to use Evernote to keep track of my stamps.  It's like a word document but online.  I have an account so I can log in at my computer and it's also linked to the app on my phone so if I'm shopping, I can see what stamps or crafting items I already have so no duplicates are purchased.  I do need to complete the process of inventory but thought this would maybe help others.

I am always looking for storage ideas and ways to improve organization so please share below!  I am specifically looking for punch storage and washi tape storage.

Have a great day!

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