Thursday, February 16, 2017

Card Making!

Good Afternoon!
Last Saturday I signed up for a fun Valentine's Day card making class and crop!  Becca from hosted the class and it was so much fun!  I learned some new techniques and made some beautiful cards pictured below.  We made three cards but I gave one away to my husband and he stashed it!

 Some really cool techniques learned:

  1. Emboss an image and it will resist Distress Ink 
  2. Take the Distress Ink pads in different colors, wipe across your ranger craft sheet then spritz with some water so it beads up a little.  Take your paper and lay it on top then turn it some and lift up off the craft sheet.  Dry your paper and press it again into the sprayed ink until you get the desired effect you want.
  3. Use Ken Oliver Craft Color Burst Splash to add an interesting effect.  It is a powder that you lightly tap on and activated with water.  This was used on the pink card.
  4. The best adhesive to use is Beacon 3 in 1 Advanced Glue because it won't wrinkle the paper and has great adhesion.

After the card class there was a crop night and here is a sample of what I made!  For all these I used Unity Stamp Company stamps and colored pencils.

Have a great night!


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